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Few people may have realized that Neoart is the most interesting
artistic avant-garde of the first ten years of the third millennium.
Silver Mark is undoubtedly one of its leading figures.
This nom de plume hides a Webmaster of international recognition.
He quit ten years ago his favourite hobby (oil painting) to create a
technologically advanced visionary world, one of living machines,
an artificial nature joining, imitating and interacting with the
primordial status of minerals, plants and animals.
Silver Mark uses computers, digital printing machines and 3d
animation to generate living works of art, which animate themselves
in a computer processed environment leaded by its creator.
Form Technoidi (2004) to Esovalve (2008), from Città Spaziali
(2010) to Microgemme (2010), every subject moves and transforms
on unpredictable algorithms. The Sponge may be a good example. It
is not a print, not a video, not a static work (at least not only those).
Sponge is a digital form of life. It is born and evolves according to
Silver Mark's patterns, but she decide how and when. It never stays
the same, she chooses her own transformations and no one can
predict which form it is going to get. It lives in a computer plugged
to a plasma monitor. Its basis is a tridimensional geometric form,
inspired by spongy sea forms. This basic structure shapes itself on
two specular intersecting plans, rotating at the heart of form.
Silver Mark selects the most attracting and exciting deformations,
he discards unpleasant transformations and prints Sponge's
best evolution on canvas, or he freezes them using 3d dust print
The artist's vocation is the transfiguring of cosmos!

Marina Mojana
Art Advisor
2011 Milan


New York

Silver Mark's Neoart is not only a new way of conceiving
contemporary art but also an innovative concept in exhibiting and
displaying the art works so as to put the visitor at the center of scene.
Works that can define a variety of spaces varying from dimensions
and layout. From a typical setup in a traditional art gallery
and the museum rooms, to a grand hotel hall, the lobby of
a large company sensitive to beauty and artistic innovation.
Whatever the choice, the works can be exhibited by ways of the
different mediums available to the artist, such as prints, large
canvas, interactive touch screens, 3D images, video installations,
set design of unusual visual impact and large three-dimensional
objects for a unique experience.
The breadth of the exhibition spaces can be flexible with
a minimum ideal size of 100 square meters (1.000 sq. Ft.).
Wide open spaces and trails will allow unique and majestic
installations, but a single three-dimensional work is capable
of changing and influencing the surrounding environment.

Francesco Fadda
Atenea Productions
2011 New York


Contacts for arts, prints and exposition:

Art Advisor
Marina Mojana
Piazza Cavour 3
20121 Milano

To care for and accommodate the installation of
Silver Mark in the U.S., please contact:

Producer in New York
Francesco Fadda
121 west 132nd street, suite 4
New York, NY 10027
(+1) 917.756.8304

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